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Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for services from Central Connections, Inc. Case Management, an individual must have a developmental disability that:

  • Began before the age of 22;

  • Is likely to continue indefinitely; and,

  • Results in substantial limitations with two or more of the following:

    1. Living and working independently

    2. Written or verbal communication

    3. Self-direction 

    4. Learning

    5. Mobility

    6. Self-care

Eligibility Redetermination

Using a comprehensive evaluation, Regional Offices shall periodically review the eligibility status of individual and shall discharge those who are no longer eligible for services and for who Division services are no longer appropriate. At a minimum, all individuals shall be reassessed through comprehensive evaluations on or immediately before their fifth, eighteenth, and twenty second birthdays. Written notices of the upcoming reassessment will be provided to the individual and responsible party and the possibility of discontinued services will be addressed.

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Assessment Tools

Qualified personnel will complete assessments to determine whether functional limitations are present. For children birth to age 17, the Vineland is typically administered. Adults and some older teens are administered the MOCABI; both instruments are administered by trained personnel. 


Under State Statute and Division rule, Regional Offices are responsible for establishing eligibility for services.

Individuals found ineligible for services must be informed of their right to appeal the decision, and must be provided a written copy of the brochure, "Your Right to Appeal".

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